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The Journey in Between Serious Research and Fun Writing- Academic Content Writers

A content writer is one who can compose articles, blogs, newsletters, press releases and other written material on the web. Most of the content writers are associated with SEO or Search Engine Optimization and have to be very specific about the use of certain given set of words called keywords.

Type of research work done is different in academic writing than content writing
There are academic writers who do not go about the knotty gritty of SEO writing, but are separately involved with writing on different academic projects and assignments. An academic writer is totally different from a content writer in terms of the type of research he does or the ways in which he puts his matter in front of the readers.
What attracted me more
I was luckily capable of doing both the jobs reasonably well. As an article writer, I could manage to include my given set of keywords the required number of times. And as a dissertation writer, I could do in-depth research of a given topic and compose the whole dissertation, maintaining quality work. I personally would prefer working more as an academic writer, but, it is at times too strenuous and exhausting to work continuously as one.
Content writing involves lesser while academic deeper research
Writing articles, blogs or press releases can be easy as you would have to usually write 500 words on a given topic. There are lots of different topics that you get to research and write on as a content writer. However, as an academic writer, you are deeply involved into working on one particular topic, researching on it for a long time.
Writing blogs and articles on the same topic can be dragging
Article and Blog writing can be exhaustive as you might not find anything to write about after a certain period of time. If you have been writing on a topic for more than 6 months, using the same set of keywords over and over again, it gets dragging after sometime. On the other hand, writing business reports, essays or dissertations can be continued for months without getting bored.
Job scenario in writing in Kolkata and my transition
My transition from a content writer to an academic content writer happened more because of the job scenario in my city. Academic writing is not very predominant in Kolkata, at least the avenues are not known to people who are new to writing profession. I began as a freelance academic writer, writing assignments, thesis, reports and dissertations mostly on management related issues.
Challenges are more in academic writing
It was while working as an academic writer that I found that there has to be a lot more serious involvement in this field. Arranging the write-up and beginning to write was a real challenge in case of academic writing. However, I loved reading the relevant study materials and preparing the Literature Review amongst all other sections. I dreaded making the Index page and the Table of Contents though.
Maintaining coherence for long write-ups gets difficult
Maintaining a steady line through the entire project was a very big challenge in academic writings. Most writers divert away from the topic and lose focus of their research. I would find it really difficult to write the methodology portion most of the time. However, I found over the course of my working that the more research I did; the easier it was to master an academic project.

Today, as a writer, I feel I have to do a lot more academic projects to be able to handle them dexterously and, of course, it is good to have small breaks where you are writing some 500 words articles or blogs on different topics requiring lesser research.

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