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Terms & Conditions

We are happy that you have already taken the first step towards your academic success by choosing us as your educational guide. However, prior to availing our services, we would request you to go through our Terms and Conditions.



1.“We”, “Us” and “Royal Research”: Refer to “www.royalresearch.asia

2.“You”: Refers to the students, parents and/or guardians of the students or whosoever who wants to avail our services.

3.Website: Refers to www.royalresearch.asia

4.Agreement: points to the terms and conditions

5.Content: Refers to the software text on the website, software related design, text comprised within as well as alongside the pictures and graphics.

6.Job/Assignment/Service/Product/Works: The demo work that we prepare for you so that you can take ideas from it. Refers to the services and documents in an electronic format, which we deliver to you under the Contract in regards to the Terms. It is actually the final result that we deliver after the order and payment completion.

7.Rework/Product Revision/Amendment: Refers to the edited version of the final job (in case there is any amendment)

8.Support Team/Client Support: Part of the company’s organisational structure, which has a mission to provide assistance and coordination in reference to the placed Order.

9.Quality Team/Quality Assurance Department: Department which checks the quality of the work and makes the final proofreading

10.Verification Procedure: Process to confirm the billing identity of the customers to eradicate fraudulent cases.

11.Shop: Part of the website from where you can avail readymade proofread demo coursework (if the work suffices your requirements) on making an instant payment. This helps you meet urgent deadlines. However, only 10-15% rework/amendment for this job will be done for free; more than that is subject to payment.

12.Job ID: The particular code that will be given to you when you drop the job. Job ID is like an identification code for the order that you have placed.

13.Country-based Job: When you are dropping the job, you need to mention the country of study. This will help the academic professional to use that form of English. For e.g., in case you study in UK University, choose UK as the option so that we elect UK English while proceeding with the work.

14.Job Title: Here put the title of your assignment or dissertation. For e.g. Analysing the role of organisational culture in enhancing the employee performance: A case study on IBM, UK.

15.Job Category: Here you need to put the category of your job, as in, whether it is an assignment or essay, or a report, case study or proposal, dissertation or combopack.

16.Subject: Here you need to mention the subject/field of the job, as in, whether Medical, IT, Literature, Law, History, Geography, Economics, Finance and Accounting, Operation Management, HRM, Marketing, etc.

17.Job Description: In case if you have any special preference, requirement or description in relation to the job, you can put it.

18.Job Attachment: It refers to all those attachments that you send, based on which our experts will start the job. It has to be in jpg, jpeg, png, doc. docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, pptx, bmp, rtf, 7-zip, or rar Make sure to upload the job card and the required class notes/ lectures here.

19.Job Card: Refers to the question paper where the questions are attached.

20.Job Deadline: The date on and time at which you want the job to be finally delivered from our end.

21.Job Order: Placing your job requirement based on the instructions and attachments. Specifically, it is the electronic request for a particular paid service that the customer desires, requires or demands.

22.Customer: The individual, who places a request/order with Royal Research to receive a study help service, based on her/his requirements and governed by the regulations and T&C put forward by our Agreement.

23.Payment: The monetary value that you pay us in return for the educational help service that we provide. (Please check the Price and Payment section for further details)


Trade Names and Service Marks

Our company name, i.e. Royal Research and our logo stand out solely as our property. By no means can anyone copy or imitate any material from the website without any official written approval of Royal Research.


Copyright Statement

1.Kindly note all rights put forward in the Policy section are under the reservation of Royal Research. Every material is considered as the copyright statement of Royal Research. We exclusively own the copyrighted content of our website. Nonetheless, we permit you to get a print of this content but only for a non-commercial purpose.

2.You are not granted permission to modify the content or use it for any other purposes.

3.You cannot use or amend the material of this site for any commercial use

4.Royal Research reserves all the rights mentioned in the policy.


Our Contract with You

1.The terms and conditions mentioned in this page is applicable to you because either you are already a purchaser or a prospective buyer of our services

2.Since you are availing us with your contact details, therefore you are approving us to contact you via phone and e-mail with the different services that we offer and the promotions that we realize may be profitable for you or may be of your interest.

3.Works which we advertise on our website or those which are ordered by you are entitled to be delivered as per your requested standards and our agreed deadline.

4.Royal Research reserves the authority to refuse an accepted order. In such instances, in case we have taken a payment, we will refund the taken amount.

5.We DO NOT accept any order which is not placed via our website (ORDER NOW page).

6.Price quotation depends only on the input and requirements that you have given at the order form. Later on, in case it is found that any additional work is requested or required, it will incur an additional charge. The final amount will be stated in the confirmation email (inclusive of all taxes). The validity of the quotation as stated in the confirmation mail is that of 12 hours, if not mentioned otherwise (provided there is no withdrawal for any reason).

7.Once you submit the order successfully and make 50% of the payment, you will receive a confirmation mail at your given e-mail address. Kindly cross check them. Final price will include PayPal/bank charges and taxes like VAT/GST.

8.You do agree that you will not make any attempt to get into contact with the academic expert who is working on your assignment/coursework. We will act as the intermediate between your writer and you.


Restrictions on Use

Please note:

1.The receipt of the availed service that you receive is absolutely personal to you. By no means can you transfer your possessed rights while accessing the course materials or allowing other persons for the chosen services without our approval.

2.You must be a minimum of 15 years of age in order to subscribe to our services. In case you are below 15 years of age and want to enjoy our services, you need to take permission from the legal guardian or parent.

3.We hereby grant you permission for limited authority to avail our services for personal but non-commercial use. Hence, you may download, copy, modify, reproduce or offer for sale any data that is obtained from Royal Research, but definitely after taking official written approval from us.

4.In case you breach any of these terms, in relation to the usage of Royal Research website or services, your license provided us, is liable for termination.

5.By registering or using our help services, you confirm that you do agree with our terms and conditions and do not have any issue or query regarding it.

6.Moreover, you also do affirm that you will use our services as an educational help only and will not at all submit it to your original coursework for course grades or credits.

7.We just offer academic help and proofreading and editing services to the students. Our services are nothing but demo coursework from where the students can take an idea but definitely not submit it as their work.


Warranty and Limitation of Liability

1.Royal Research is always here to help you. Nonetheless, we do not possess any liability for any sort of delay or interruption in regards to accessing our website.

2.Undoubtedly, we make use of only well-tested and trustworthy software. Nevertheless, we do not bear any kind of responsibility for the loss or damage of data from your network, server, PC or any other electronic device.

3.The experienced professionals of Royal Research assure you the facilitation of smooth operations at our best potentials. However, we do not guarantee 100% error free job.

4.Royal Research possesses the right to postpone the access of our website anytime for the updating/scheduled maintenance.

5.WE do not bear any accountability for the failures of equipment or links, which in turn may lead to the failure of the Royal Research website because it is out of our control.

6.In case you get poor scores due to our services, we provide you with amendments and reworks. However, there is no question of refund under any circumstance as the help assignment is considered to be a product. Hence, once a student receives its delivery; the product is considered to be sold.


Information You Give Us

1.You approve to help us by providing accurate details in accordance to the order as and when required by us. In case of any delay from your end may lead to the postponement of the deadline. It is to be noted that although we may try to fix the revised deadline as per your request. However, the revised deadline will solely depend on the availability of the expert.

2.You will upload all the necessary learning outcomes, assessment criteria and supporting materials while placing the order. In situations when the content of these materials changes the requirements of your placed order, there are high chances of postponement of the deadline and imposition of an additional charge.

3.To maintain confidentiality, we advise you to delete all personal details from your coursework documents before sending them. This is because we are going to forward it to the academic experts as ‘job cards’. We DO NOT stand responsible in case you pass on any sensitive information via the job card.

4.You approve to co-operate fully with us so that we can produce the best possible work for you. We are NOT responsible if you fail to attach each necessary information which are required to complete the placed order; for example, module handbook, university/college guidelines, lecture notes, seminar notes etc. You need to provide every necessary detail.


Privacy Policy

Royal Research commits itself entirely in safeguarding your privacy. Privacy Policy elucidates clearly the data processing procedures undertaken by us and the ways by which we process your personal data.

The details of all our clients are kept under strict confidentiality and privacy, thereby giving major significance to user privacy. We assure secrecy maintenance of personal information of users whilst they access or avail our help services.

In case you have any query or request regarding the data processing procedures, you may contact us.

1.Collection of Information: Royal Research gathers every necessary detail from you on the online forms. We may collect a few additional data in regards to your participation in any competition or promotions offered by us. We may require few information while asking for feedback.

2.Usage of your information and preferences: We will be using your information to personalise, customise and cater services to you. Contact details like email address and telephone numbers will be used to interact with you. Your information may be used to inform you about the different offers and the news related to the different products and services that we offer. With a motive to improve our services, we may contact you for your valuable feedback and opinions.

Kindly note, we may also face the necessity to contact you regarding operational or administrative purposes. Every call/mail done to you will be monitored so that you do not face any unnecessary or irritating knock, thereby complying with our T&C. Nonetheless, you do have the right to request the removal or updating of your personal information. Every payment is processed via secured payment service providers.

3.Safeguarding your Personal Data: Every necessary and reasonable technological step is taken by our technologically qualified and trustworthy expert to assure that your personal information is saved accurately and securely in our database. Royal Research commits to safeguard Customer’s details and not selling them or sharing them. Every online transaction goes through a process of reliable and secured online payment systems so as to protect the client from risking their credit card data being disclosed. Please note, we will not leak any detail to any of the third parties, except in case of lawful requirements. However, the Company, by no means fully guarantee any kind of disclosure of the credit card data, which may occur beyond our control.

4.Retention of your Personal Details: We use your information data solely for the verification or transaction purpose for your order and do not keep longer than necessary. Every additional documents provided by the Customer is deleted from the organisation’s database once the verification procedure is over.

5.Direct contact between Expert and Customer: The Company prohibits any kind of interaction between the Customer and the Academic Expert, keeping in mind the secrecy of the client’s personal details. Nonetheless, the Customer can use the 24*7 Customer Support Team for any help.

WE do not bear any liability for the content of any of the attachments that you send us or any particular detail that it may comprise. Thus, it is solely your responsibility to remove any type of personal information that may be there in the provided attachments as this may get forwarded to the academic expert without being erased.

6.Other websites: The official website of Royal Research (www.royalresearch.asia) may contain few links which are truly out of our authority and are not circumscribed by this Privacy Policy. Please note: In case you access any other site thereby using those links, the operators of those links may secretly collect your information from you. They can use this data as per their Privacy Policy, which may be different from ours. We, by NO means, are liable for the activities or T&C of those websites.


Nature of Service and Terms of Usage

1.Royal Research offers professional help with the help of qualified experts to those students who are in need of educational consulting service to improvise their assignment quality. WE provide customised consultation services, thereby doing independent personalised research and quality academic projects in order to assist students in their educational obligations. We provide unique academic content in reference to your requirements. Thus, WE do not give a guarantee of any grade to the Customer on the submission of the work to any educational institution. The significance of the Agreement is solely to provide the client with an original researched academic content.

2.Every academic document that the Company proves is intended for reference and research purposes only. It is, by no means, to be used for submission in the educational institution. Moreover, the Company does not stand responsible in case the Customer fails to make the apt usage of the academic service or learn the material provided.

3.Royal Research possesses the intellectual property and the client/customer has the special and exclusive authorization and permission to use the completed product for a limited time span of 6 (six) months; expiry to which the organisation shall regain the exclusive rights of the Product.

4.While taking the delivery of the product, you hereby ensure that the product has met the order requirements.

5.We do bear the Copyright of the products that our experts produce. Thus, you may not download, transmit, share, distribute, sell, transfer, publish, modify, copy or exploit the content of the website or the product, partly or wholly. You only do have the permission to download one copy of the product after buying and that also for personal purpose, i.e. academic study solely having met the Copyright and other notices. You also cannot make submissions of our product under your name for any kind of academic evaluation. It is also applied in those cases where we have added to the product which you have worked upon. However, it is not applicable for those sections which you have completely done. If you do so, you forfeit our organisational Contract. Moreover, Royal Research deserves the authority to refuse to accept any kind of order further, which include amendments also.

6.It is your own initiative and decision to avail our services and we by no means stand responsible for your choice or violation of any of your organisational policies.

7.In case our academic advice /product be disregarded, then Royal Research is not responsible for not achieving the desired outcome. Royal Research cannot guarantee the final grade since it is beyond our control.


Price and Payment:

1.You need to make the payments via Paypal. In case you wish to use another payment mode, you need to contact us and talk to us.

2.When you place the order for your job, you need to make 50% of the payment and the rest before the final delivery from our end.

3.The academic expert will start working according to your requirements once you have made 50% payment during the placement of the order. Kindly note: Unless you make the first half payment (50%), we will not start the job.

4.In case you decide to cancel the placed order, before the writer is assigned with the work, you may book/order other work of the same value, absolutely free of cost. Nonetheless, if we have already allocated the work to a writer then you will have to continue with it, as we have already compensated the writer with the value for the work.

5.Make sure that you make the payment within 12 hours of placing the order failing to which the order will be cancelled.

6.In accordance to the Regulation 10 Consumer Protection (Distance Selling Regulations) 2000, as per the amendment, you will not have the right to cancel the order once the payment is made. This is because, once you make 50% of the payment, we consider it as your confirmation and approve the expert to start the work—this is because of the bespoke nature of our concerned services.

7.The first instalment of payment (50%) is considered as your affirmation that you will make the final payment in full, before the final delivery of the job.

8.Unless you make the final shift payment (100%), we will not make the final delivery of the job.

9.In case we owe any money, we will try to reimburse it as soon as logically probable. However, it will not be after 30 days from the date on which we have confirmed you the return.

10.In case you find that you have been charged twice for your ordered work and that you have obtained two receipts for the same work from the payment processing system (e.g. Paypal.com), please do not have any hesitation to contact us. You can mail us the issue along with the soft copy of the two receipts and we will surely refund you the extra amount at its earliest.


Verification Procedure

1.Royal Research prioritises the act of keeping safe the billing data of the customers and reducing the chances of fraud. We are obliged by the concerned authorities as well as the merchant providers and banks to safeguard the credit card holders who buy from us. Based on the nature of the organisation’s business, the kind of services that are delivered via electronic means ultimately needs no handwritten signature as a proof of delivery.

2.Any kind of unauthorised usage of a stolen credit card is under prohibition by law and we will surely report to the concerned law enforcement agencies for preceding with the investigation. We work closely with the concerned authorities to eradicate cyber-crime as well as report all sorts of fraudulent orders for prosecution.

3.Royal Research reserves the authority to request the customers, in times of need, to showcase the scanned image of:

3.1The customer’s credit card (displaying just the last 4 digits or numbers)

3.2Customer’s official ID (Driver’s License or any other government issued ID)

3.3Authorisation Code from Customer’s Bank/Customer’s Bank Details

3.4Customer’s Visa or Passport (for international students)

4.It stands out to be the customer’s sole responsibility to maintain compliance so as to assure that the billing information fulfills the organisation’s anti-fraud procedure and policies. In case of verification, the entire process needs to be completed as per the time schedule:

4.1) For delivering the order within 48hours-10 days, the customer’s billing details must be cross-checked within 8 hours

4.2) For delivering the order within 12hours-24hours, the customer’s billing details must be cross-checked within the very 1st hour

4.3) For urgent delivery of the order, i.e. less than 12 hours, the customer’s billing details must be cross-checked within 30 minutes.

It is clearly to be noted, that in case the customer fails to maintain the above mentioned time schedule, it is to be considered as the breach of Term and Conditions and necessary action may be taken by the management.

5.The Company is in strong opposition to Cyber Crime due to which it reports any act of fraudulence for prosecution.

Please note: We DO NOT share any of your personal data with any third party or use it for other purposes. Keeping in mind security, Royal Research does not stock any document sent by you for verification. Once verification is done, we trash the files.


Termination Policy:

We, Royal Research have the sole authority to cease the service agreement wholly or partially at any point

of time.


Revision/Amendment Policy

As far as the provisions of the Agreement are concerned, Royal Research possesses the authority to revise, modify, update or amend them. By placing your order, you agree to it. Hence, it stands out to be the Customer’s obligation to review the policies from time to time and keep oneself updated.

In terms of academic content, if any project’s initial requirements are not met, we will arrange for academic experts to make the necessary changes. Although we will try to get it done as early as possible; yet we officially quote for 24 hours time to get it done.

In usual circumstances, WE do not charge any amount for revision. WE offer it free of cost. However, it is to be made sure that, the assignment requirements are not changed or else it is chargeable. No revision is entertained after a time span of 31 days of the completion of the assignment. Moreover, NO Refund or Penalty can be claimed.


Satisfaction Guarantee

1.In case you decide to cancel the placed order before the writer is assigned with the work, you may book/order other work of the same value, absolutely free of cost. Nonetheless, if we have already allocated the work to a writer then you will have to continue with it, as we have already compensated the writer with the value for the work.

2.In case you find that you have been charged twice for your ordered work and that you have obtained two receipts for the same work from the payment processing system (e.g. Paypal.com), please do not have any hesitation to contact us. You can mail us the issue along with the soft copy of the two receipts and we will surely refund you the extra amount at its earliest.

3.It is requested that you provide all paper details and additional information at the time of placing the order. In case due to any cause, the first version of the work is delivered after the stipulated deadline, WE will attempt to increase the standard of the work in order to make sure that the late submission penalty, by no means affects the overall grade.

4.Our promise of 100% satisfaction policy suffices that WE will facilitate you with reworks on the work until you are satisfied; however, based on the initial set of work requirements. This rework needs to be posted within 31 days of the delivery of the completion of work. No amendment or refund work after that time frame will be entertained

5.WE will try our best to provide you with quality work so that no assignment fails. However, in rare cases, if the job fails, for Failed Job, 50% of the money will be refunded on the submission of the failed report to us within 31 days of the completion of the work.

6.If your claim for Refund is genuine, then, WE will provide you with a Free Assignment of the same value instead refunding the money in cash. However, NO penalty will be entertained.


Amendment of Policy:

Royal Research is the only one who reserves the right to make amendments of the different terms and conditions without providing any prior notice to you. Please note: The latest version of the T&C will take the place of the previous ones. As a customer, you are to agree to be bound by any consequent changes, amendments or modifications as contemplated herein by the continuous rendition of concerned services by our organisation. It stands out as an obligation on the part of the customer to go through the T&C at regular intervals in order to be aware of the modifications.



1.A stipulated period of 90 days is in your hands, from the day of your latest version of your completed work sent to you to lodge a complaint.

2.Our Quality Control Team along with the Independent Assessor stands responsible for investigating any issue that you have raised against the completed orders. The decision made by the Quality Control Team comes out as final. The Complaints Department will attempt to reply to you within a time span of 15 days.

3.It is to be remembered that, your academic expert does not attend any of the tutorials, lectures or seminars because of which he/she largely depends on the information that you provide. Hence, the expert cannot be held responsible solely for low quality work, specifically in the following cases:

4.Requests made by Customer had the effect of degrading the standard

5.Instructions given by Customer have been incomplete

6.Requests made by Customer have been ambiguous or open-ended, which has led to open interpretation


Refund Policy

All works are subject to non-refundable since we have customised it as per your requirements and specifications. However, cases, where the refund is applicable, are:

Plagiarism (on the submission of plagiarism report to us)

Failed Job (on the submission of the failed report to us within 31 days of the completion of the work). On the submission of the failed report, 50% of the amount is paid back.

N.B.: Royal Research provides NO cash Refund Policy. Hence, if your claim for Refund is genuine, then, WE will provide you with a Free Assignment of the same value instead refunding the money in cash.

Moreover, no extra penalty can be charged. Only the job value will be done ‘0’ (Zero)



1.Without providing any prior notice, WE do provide the authority to improve or amend the content of our Website.

2.It is notified that our official website may comprise links which connect to our internet websites. By no means do we possess control over such websites. You hereby acknowledge as well as approve that WE shall neither be responsible for any kind of content neither for those linked websites nor for any harm or damage leading from the usage of such websites.

3.Although WE make the utmost attempt to provide you with a stipulated standard work, you MUST not disregard the Copyright Law and submit the finished work by your own identity. Firstly, WE provide educational consulting help to you people for improvising in your studies. Moreover, WE do not guarantee you any mark and does not stand responsible for the failure to achieve the required mark.

4.WE assure you to offer client confidentiality. However, WE do not bear any liability for the content of any of the attachments that you send us or any particular detail that it may comprise. Thus, it is solely your responsibility to remove any type of personal information that may be there in of the provided attachments as this may get forwarded to the academic expert without being erased.


Miscellaneous Provisions

1.Charges: We do have the authority to reserve the right to charge the necessary consultation/demo work fees for the academic help that we provide to the students to understand their studies better.

2.Entire Agreement: Terms of Service that we make in the latest version of the agreement with the students will have the upper hand, thereby making null and voiding the previous ones. Whatever promises, statements or inducements are there related to the Customer and Company will not be valid unless they are put forward here in the Agreement.

3.Severability: In case any of the terms and conditions become subject to inapplicable, partially or wholly, the validity of the other necessary terms will remain unaffected.

4.Force Majeure: We do not stand liable for any kind of violation of our obligations that results from causes, which are out of our control. Such situations also encompass strike of our employees, third parties wrong email direction or system downtime.

5.Law of Governing: In case, any dispute arises on this contract or in connection to it, it will be taken into control by the Laws of the place where this Company is based.

6.Place of Suit: It is the Law of the place of business of our Company or any determined place (As decided by the Company) that is to be taken into consideration in case any judicial operation is undertaken for the enforcement of the Agreement.


Contact Us

In case you want to clarify any aspect/clause of the T&C, please feel free to get into contact with us, any day, any time to chinmoyuk@gmail.com or info.hr@royalresearch.co.in

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