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Significance and Impact of Good Research Question in Dissertations

A research question is the one that can help develop the dissertation in a much more organized and topical manner. What is a research question in a dissertation and what is the significance of a good research question in a dissertation has been dealt in the blog.

A dissertation is all about how you introduce your topic, develop the reasoning around it and analyse the topic. For a dissertation to be effective and meaningful, you need to have a well researched topic, research questions and the means to do data analysis. Just like you have to be extremely cautious about the topic you choose for your dissertation to be acceptable to your university, you also need a good set of research questions in order to work out on your topic and analyse the content.

Finding Good Research Question:-

Finding a good research question could be difficult but, you need to arrange the question in such a way that it helps you to learn more about the topic. This question, along with your approach, would guide you to structure your data you choose to collect and how you analyse them.
There are some questions that focus on the relationships between certain concepts and theories like: ‘How gender difference is related to the infant mortality rates in different religions?’ Some research questions may delve in the open areas and allow newer theories to evolve: ‘What is the impact of work here?’ Such questions which allows open area are the most basic ones and help in exploratory research. If you are doing undergraduate research, your research question needs to be more objective and targeted than what the above mentioned questions signify.

Creating Good Research Question:-

Creating research questions is a serious task. You can only form good research questions if you have read the topic thoroughly and worked on it. Very rare cases are there when good research questions have been simply found. It all begins with searching what interests in a given topic and refining it until it is workable. It is very difficult to say how one can make good research questions, as there is no simple formula; however, there are definitely some bad research questions.


Once you have made irrelevant and bad research questions, your entire focus from the topic would be diverted. Hence, in order to remain in the topic and establish your topic you need to formulate relevant research questions, ones that are good. Relevant means the question is able to trigger intellectual and academic interest amongst the people in your subject. These questions arise from the literature or the practice you are doing on the subject.


Your research question should be able to define a clear purpose of your research in the field you have chosen. For instance, are you trying to fill a gap in knowledge, monitoring some kinds of developments in a practice, trying to analyse some assumptions, or trying to compare different approaches in a theory within some selected population?


Whatever the purpose is, you need to be able to manage the scope and scale of the research. It is very essential to remain realistic of the about the scale and scope of the project you take. Your research question needs to show a certain level of maturity in your understanding and hold your topic tight to its areas. For instance, you must know which section of your target audience you are addressing the question for and prepare it accordingly.

A well prepared research question can almost accomplish the task of making good set of questionnaire for a data analysis and also help you a lot in preparing your content for literature review, conclusion and recommendation. More than half of your dissertation is done if you have a good research question in place.

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