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Role of Recommendations in Shaping a Dissertation

Role of Recommendations in Shaping a Dissertation

Summary– Recommendations section in a dissertation helps in future research based on the existing study. A good recommendation can help the employer implement certain practices within the company and bring better results.

The final chapter in any dissertation paper happens to be the conclusions, which includes recommendations. The recommendations may or may not form a separate chapter but, your employer would still want to know if you have certain recommendations for their company.

Scope for future research

Recommendations helps in further development of research topics from an existing study and helps future students to work on the areas which could either not be covered or, are difficult hypothesis. Thus recommendations give a scope of further research on the topic and make your dissertation worthwhile in the academic community.

Include key findings while concluding

While you conclude different parts of your dissertation project, you would have to understand that readers should be reading short descriptions of the aspects contained in the research. You should be able to include the key findings that you have identified and worked on during the research.

Recommendations brings the academic family closer

It is very essential to cover different parts of the research and review it carefully to make each chapter crisp and clean and to get to the point right away. Recommendation actually gets you more close to your employer and the academic community. It is through recommendations that you would be able to tell the readers that they not only have a chance to understand a topic in new light but, also have the opportunity to work themselves further on the topic.

Students look for future projects from recommendations

Many students doing dissertations look for recommendations made by earlier researcher to work ahead. It is really difficult to come up with a practical idea on a research topic that can be implemented and executed into a full-fledged research work. A good recommendation automatically brings in that hope of finding a good topic which can be easily worked upon and would have practical feasibility of making a good dissertation.

Topic in chapter 4

Recommendation comes at the end of chapter 4 with discussion, conclusion and recommendation, to be followed by appendices. It is very important to be able to research well, take proper steps in the methodology chapter in order to come to a worthwhile discussion of your findings. To discuss, you need to refer to the objectives, hypothesis or questions and assess their results by interpreting and evaluating.

Strong discussion can bring many recommendations

A good and strong point of discussion can be the toughest part as the speculations need to be reasonable, justified firmly as well as tested. If one has a strong point of discussion, not just one but many recommendations would automatically surface out of the topic.

Two types of recommendation

Recommendations could be of two types- recommendation for changing the topic, or, recommendations for further research. In both the cases, you are helping another ardent academic to go through the rigorous process of researching and coming to a result or hypothesis which can benefit organizations in many ways.

Most employers do not have the time to review the trivial matters in their organizations which could otherwise hang as a potential future threat to the company. Your recommendation to study further and delve into the nuances of the company may bring those matters into the fore and help them gather an insight about those factors.

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