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My First Academic Assignment Left Me Overwhelmed

Let’s face it. No matter how intelligent and hard working we are, assignments do leave us feeling nervous. Even if you are a good fiction writer, writing academic assignments can be really daunting. Knowledge of the subject-specific words and a professional tone of writing are very essential for academic writing.

Hurdles on starting an assignment

The first time I did an assignment, I did not have any idea of how to search for resources in the internet. I spent two days looking for relevant resources, doing all kinds of Google search and found nothing worthwhile. It was then my mentor told me about the advanced search option in Google which allows you to access different PDF and other file types which brings out the actual research materials for academic writing.

Attention Issue

Having crossed the first hurdle, I was now able to find study materials for my study, thankfully. I went reading for a couple more days and then thought of starting to write my assignment. My mentor had asked me to start the Literature Review first. But, while I tried to write, I found it very difficult to start on with my assignments. I was inconsistent in my writing style and coherence was lacking in my composition.

Organizing the Resources

I could not remember all that I had read and use it for structuring the chapter. I could not have memorized the references and cited wherever they were applicable. Composing the literature review seemed like an impossible task as I did not know how to organise my resources. I had read quite a lot and not made a note of the important points in a diary or notebook for my future reference. Hence, I had to go reading the same journals and PDF files again and take notes this time. This was sheer waste of time and unnecessary repetition.

Page Layout

Writing at schools is very different from writing assignments in university. There are specific formats each University follows and one has to strictly adhere to the instructions. Honestly speaking, I never bothered about how my page looks and always submitted written works, paying attention to just the grammar and content. For the first time, I had to also take time and design the pages according to the instructions provided. Most writers, including me, are too devoted in creating the most researched and well composed written content. How the page should look, what margins are to be drawn, how much word spacing and line spacing, font style and size- left me a little overwhelmed!

Attention to smaller details

It was while I did academic assignments, I realized how important it is to pay attention to small details like punctuation, character spacing and all the other word doc features available with us. A small error in typing could change the entire meaning and essence of the project. One had to strictly follow the instructions provided by the mentors and make sure each and every instruction has been carefully met with. Thanks to academic writing, I was now more organized writer. Writing no longer seemed an endless task of typing letters and trying to animate a dull and blank page. I was now enjoying my scholarly research and adding beauty and finesse to my pages both as a designer and writer.

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