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How to Write an Impressive and Proper Article Title

Summary- Writing a proper and impact title of an article is just as important as writing the article itself. This blogs delves on the aspects that need to be taken care of in order to write an article title.

When you are writing an article, you become the king of your words. Apart from the topic and the research materials, the concept, the idea and the words are totally under your command. They would act exactly as you instruct them to. Any article, in order to grab the editor’s and reader’s attention needs to have an interesting title. A title is what catches the eyes of the onlooker in the first instance.
Don’t go about thinking, you have written a great article and it is the job of your editor to add a nice title to it. In fact, your editor would take more interest in editing your article if he/she finds you have worked well with the title and the summary.
There are certain set rules which need to be followed while writing the title of the article. Please, do make sure you impress your editor with your work taking care of each of these points:
1. The title of your article must be in upper case as well as lower case letters. The first letter of each major word has to be capitalised. You may leave the articles and the prepositions in lower case.
2. All the letters must not be in Caps. Avoid using abbreviations in the title, unless absolutely necessary.
3. Avoid using long words and make the title approach the topic directly.
4. The titles should not be all about a quotation from a book or something someone has spoken and is recorded.
5. You have to take care of the plagiarism issues in case of titles as well. They should not be copied from other resources already published in the media.
6. No title should end with a period. Overuse of punctuations should also be avoided in the title. If required use the question mark or exclamation mark just once in the title.
7. No HTML tags or website URLs are allowed in the title. An article being a general description of a certain topic, promotion or marketing of an event or company is not allowed in the title.
Well, that was about the rules that are applied in writing the title of an article. Once you are done with the technicalities, you have half pleased your editor by doing your home work diligently. However, in order to take your editor completely into your stride, you would have to find out how to make your title impressive and catchy.
The Approach
There are different ways by which a title can be approached. You may use numbers by quantifying the methods that were used in the write-up. You might ask a question, or simply state with how a certain topic is dealt with. Some of the tested and proven approaches in writing an article are:
· Using figures- You could probably site 10 steps or 10 different ways to do a certain thing. For e.g. Ten Steps for Writing Interesting Articles.
· Describing with comparison- If you have described something by comparing it with something else, you may address the title with a ‘how’, as in- How are Articles Different from Blogs.
· Step-by-step Process- In case you have used step-wise process to write an article, you can describe it in the title by using ‘How’. For example- How to Make Your Editor happy With an Attractive Title.

There are various other methods, some of which you would have invented yourself in the process of writing articles. But, if you follow the above mentioned guidelines in the beginning while composing your article title, you will surely make a special impact on your editor to start with.

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