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Please go through the terms & conditions of freelancing and click the below mentioned link for application.  The candidates from West Bengal are not eligible for applying.


Terms and Conditions for Freelancing




1.  Writer must be online for the entire duration of the assignment (Especially from 9 am to  10 pm).

2. If the writer is not cooperating with us within our working hours then we have the right to cancel the order assigned to him/her also we have the right to cancel our deal immediately

3. In case of any job query, please drop the same at the time of job confirmation in the same mail thread within 1-hour maximum

4. If you get “START THE WORK” email from our side then only you can START the job.   We are not liable for those jobs started by you without getting any confirmation from our END.

5. Avoid plagiarism (below 5%). However, if the jobs are found to be plagiarized, then the writer will be PENALISED. The penalized amount will be decided solely by the allocator.

6. Take care of the following issues prior to Job Upload:  Academic Fillers (It is very imp…., Excessive use of The….),  Reference before 2013, Late Submission, Formatting Issues

7. At the time of your registration, you are needed to submit soft copies of PAN Card, 1 Passport Size photo ,Address Proof and Bank Account Number with IFSC Code.

8. Revision/Reworks: Note that we are obliged to submit a quality assignment written according to client’s requirements and instructions. You have to submit the rework within 5 hrs. If the Reworks are not submitted as required by the tutor’s comment please be available for RE-EDIT to be done upon your delivered work.

9. References:

You need to follow the referencing style mentioned in the job instructions. You can follow the below link for a better understanding.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JIbo0z-yVw

9.1 Use academic Online reference only  (E-books, journals, E-newspaper articles, Credible websites, Govt. Publications and other relevant sources)

9.2 Avoid using any physical book as references

9.3 Use strong references such as 2013 and above

9.4 Do not use any type of paid references. Use references that are free

9.5 You have to provide the links to each reference in the order itself

9.6 All the references (in the reference list) should be in Alphabetical order.

9.7 You should know Harvard, APA, Oscola, MLA, Chicago, IEEE etc.

9.8 Reference List and Appendices are NOT a part of the Word Count

9.9 You should source references from the Google Scholar as well. However, the bibliographies should be accessible in full form.

9.10 Executive summary, Title page, Abstract, TOC or any other declarations are not part of the word count unless and until it is specified in the Job card.

10. Payment:  

Your payment will be transferred by 10th of every month. If you are working from 1st January to 31st January your payment will be transferred via NEFT on 10 February.  TDS of 2% will be deducted from the net payment.

11. Penalties applicable for

11.1  Plagiarism:

You will be penalized if your paper is proved to be plagiarized by the plagiarism checking software. The second occurrence of plagiarism in the same will result in the immediate suspension of Writer’s account with the possibility of being permanently removed from the panel of writers. If any job is Failed/Rejected, then the particular job value will be deemed as Null. Its value will be adjusted in the next month’s payment.

11.2 Frequent late submission is subject to penalty. (Please check point No. 11.4 for deduction rates)

11.3 Quality of Writing:

You will also be penalized based on the quality of your writing (If your content does not fully meet the customer’s requirements and/or general academic writing standards). This will depend on the overall marks for a given order.

11.4 Reassignment (Refusal of the taken order)

Reassignment of assignments causes various problems for us as well as the as customers. Assignment having shorter deadlines often causes such troubles. We, therefore, encourage the writers to take the responsibility of processing and submitting the assignments on time. We also face a problem when a writer refuses to revise an assignment. We, at Royal Research, agree to revise the papers free of cost, if the initial instructions were not changed or the tutor’s comments are not met properly.  Here is the fixture of the payment deduction that would be liable in case of any discrepancies:

Deduction Reason Deduction Rate (upon the total Job Value)
Late Submission 2%
Plagiarism (Above 5%) Upto 5%

Apply for freelancing (For Non-Residence of West Bengal)

 Apply for freelancing (For Residence of West Bengal)


For Non-Residence of India, please click on below link. Candidate not having PayPal ID, don’t need to apply.

Apply for freelancing (Non-Residence of India)



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