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Blog Writing: A Full Time Job… Can U Imagine???


Having started to write blogs during my college days, gradually it has become my hobby. As soon as I came up with any new gossip that interested me, or any news that struck me, the first thing that I used to do is to write blogs on it. It not only helped me to share the news with the world but also to express my opinions on it. It even helped me to receive feedback on the particular issue. Eventually it seemed to involve me into it and so I decided to take it up as a full time job.

Early experiences and Present experiences

When I started my career as a professional blogger, I realised it is no easy a job. I had to improvise my style of writing. Although many people are of opinion that bloggers are too casual in terms of producing good quality work, being a professional blogger, I will like to state, this is just half the truth. As from my personal experience, I have realised that, although casual writing, yet I have to develop a particular writing technique and tone that has suited the topics of my blog, unlike the academic writers who have to do research on the topic and maintain any style of writing. I had to have my own style which need not include ‘flowery’ language but should contain the sentiments or essence related to the topic.  Earlier my writing had been read by few readers and I often got feedback that they were more academic oriented. Gradually I modified my style of writing. A blogger cannot do away with a high flair of writing. I need to make sure that my readers can comprehend and hence comment on it.

I learnt to be in regular online contact with my readers, thereby going through their comments and answering to their questions or clearing their doubts, and all these done in a very conversational mode of writing.

Gaining millions of fans

As I improvised my style of writing, making it more interesting, relevant and precise, my blog writing earned me more fans. More comments and feedback started coming, in regards to my writing, thereby leading to a growth in my fan following. Nowadays, people even write to me and ask for suggestions apart from stating feedback.


One of the primary benefits that I have received from blog writing is of course; it has given me a chance to earn my livelihood. Apart from that it has helped me to gain popularity among people who would have otherwise not even known me.


So, beginning as an amateur blog writer, writing blogs as hobby, eventually interested me to take it up as a profession. The gaining popularity among people, who sat across the globe, has encouraged me to start off with another blog. Thus, to me it has proved to be not only a method of escaping from the daily turmoil of life, but also a network to contact with people and exhibit my views.

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